Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Seaside Fun

Seashore ‘treasure’ sorting
On Tuesday, 20 Key Stage 1 pupils from St Andrew’s Primary School visited us for a day of beach and woodland activities at a very blustery Wells. The air was heavy and the skies very moody as the excited children arrived. Sure enough, within seconds the rain was hammering down – not beach weather at all! Quickly, the black clouds had cleared and the sun shone brightly down on us.
Pupils split into groups and were challenged to find as many things from the strandline scavenge list as possible. Before long buckets were filling up with shells, seaweed, driftwood and dead crabs. After lunch fortresses of all designs were built and decorated with treasure, moats had been dug and each work of art signed in the sand by our budding artists and architects. Despite the weather these children (and, it has to be said, their accompanying grown-ups) were made of tough stuff! Not a murmur of complaint was heard all day as they well truly immersed themselves into their seaside topic.

Luxurious bug house
On Wednesday & Thursday the Reception Class of Wells Primary School came to Holkham Park to explore the woods as part of their topic Science Lab. They went on a treasure hunt, looked for mini-beasts and learnt lots of interesting facts about them – did you know a worm can live for up to 10 years and it doesn’t have eyes? It moves round by feeling its way with lots of micro hairs on its body!! We then made some (luxury) bug houses to put our mini-beasts in.  One had a swimming pool made from a puddle of water caught in the tree, a trampoline made from spongy moss and the fine example shown in the photo a garden complete with a tent, camp fire, pond with ducks and a table and chairs!

Michaela & Will Education Coordinators

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