Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Park Life

Fallow Deer and the Monument
Last week pupils and staff from St. Nicholas Preparatory School in North Walsham visited us for a full day of challenging field work. The Year 5 & 6 pupils began with a morning of Team Challenge - team building exercises in our woodland area. Teams battled it out, crossing ‘Toxic Swamps’, limboing blindfolded under ‘Electric Fences’ and solving the mystery of the ‘Magic Cane’. Great fun was had and the children made super progress throughout the morning, strengthening their resilience, leadership and problem-solving skills.

In the afternoon the group used OS maps and learnt about the different symbols used to indicate positions of important landmarks and geographical features. They honed their compass and map reading skills, investigated grid references and finally mapped their own key features of Holkham park – including the mandatory deer!

Pond dipping tray
As the weather is warming up, so life underwater is beginning to get very busy. The lifecycles of our countless aquatic creatures in Holkham lake are now speeding up as everything awakens from its winter slumber. Testing the waters in readiness for this year’s first school pond dipping visitors (not because we love pond dipping ourselves!), our Education Team found a good amount of activity in the shape of masses of Water Fleas, several Mayfly Nymphs, some Meniscus Midge Larvae and a Freshwater Hoglouse. Soon we’ll have Water Boatmen, Dragonfly Nymphs and the amazing Cased Caddis Fly Larvae to get excited about. This activity is always one of our most popular and can be differentiated for all year groups and levels. Book up and come dipping!

Sue Penlington, Education Officer

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