Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Spring visits

Holkham Lake
Last week the giant Easter bunnies and painted eggs were replaced with visiting school groups as the summer term started full swing. Docking Primary School brought their whole school (120 students) to explore our woodland area and investigate the wildlife around the lake as part of their science topic. They had a fantastic visit including making mini-dens, hunting for all sorts of minibeasts and learning the tricky art of identifying trees without their leaves on.

Household chores
Whilst waiting outside Holkham Hall for Holly Meadows Primary School to arrive I saw my first swallows of the year. Amazingly they looked fresh and full of energy, despite flying from South Africa – the swallows that is, the students came by coach from Pott Row near King's Lynn. We had lots of fun exploring the Hall and after all the chores were completed in our Victorian kitchen, the group headed to our newly extended woodland play area to run off some steam. In the afternoon sunshine we played with lots of different toys and games from the Victorian era including skipping, hula hoops, cup and balls, marbles and yo-yos.

Sue Penlington, Education Officer

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