Monday, 7 September 2015

Super Blog Winners!

I am delighted to confirm the winners of last term’s Superbloggers competition were Megan & Travis from Peterhouse Primary School, Great Yarmouth who both won a Family ticket to Holkham’s attractions. The runners up were Chloe & Kiya, also from Peterhouse Primary School. The blogs are posted below – we particularly liked the fantastic detail and journalistic style of Megan & Charlie’s & the brilliant descriptive writing and rich language of Chloe & Kiya’s.

Our day at Holkham Hall
We arrived at Holkham Hall after a long drive. When we got there we met a lady called Lady Leicester. She explained what we were going to be doing. We went into her house and she walked us around. She showed us the Library, kitchen, front room, hall way and the spare rooms. Next we went out to do some bug hunting it was so much fun! We loved hunting for the mini beasts and catching them, we were asked to make a hotel to release the bugs.

We got to eat lunch on the grass, it was very nice. After lunch we played in the park, then we built a big den in groups but each den had to be waterproof, windproof and hail proof. This was such a challenge.
Last but not least we visited the gift shop and spent some of our money on boomerangs, sweets, key rings and funny stress heads. 
From Megan & Charlie
Our trip to Holkham was amazing. Arriving at Holkham we met by a magnificent driveway leading to obelisk. The obelisk was white. When we parked our minibus we met a woman called Michaela she was our educational guide. When Michaela had introduced herself to us we went inside the Holkham Hall. The Hall was very big and posh. The Lady that lived at the Holkham Hall was called Lady Leicester. Lady Leicester lived there with Lord Leicester, their two children and a dog called Frankie. Frankie looked like a sausage dog. Michaela gave us a guided tour around the hall. There was a lot of gold within the hall some of it was golden frames around paintings, the wall decoration was golden and the guest bedroom was covered in gold and most of the walls had tapestry on.

About 20 minutes after we had a guided tour we went back outside and went on a leaf there was all different kinds of leafs we had to look for a rowan leaf ,holly leaf, beech leaf, birch leaf, field maple and other different kinds of leafs. After we went on the leaf hunt we had a mission to find all the mini beasts that we could Kiya was scared of the mini beasts so she stayed right away from them.

Chloe and Kiya

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